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Speech and Language Therapy

Atlanta Speech Therapy

At Talk About Therapy, we specialize in a variety of speech and language interventions, such as speech therapy for kids and speech therapy for toddlers. We serve children and families in the Atlanta area to provide accessible pediatric speech therapy near you. See below to learn more about different speech and language difficulties, how they can affect your child, and how we can help with speech therapy for kids and speech therapy for toddlers if you notice any red flags.

What are some of the different Speech and Language disorders?

Children can experience a variety of speech and/or language difficulties at various ages, from infancy into young adulthood. Some of the common disorders experienced by children fall into the following categories:

  • Expressive Language: An expressive language disorder affects how a child communicates and expresses their wants and needs.
  • Receptive Language: A receptive language disorder affects how a child understands and interprets language. A great example of receptive language is if a child is able to follow directions.
  • Articulation: An articulation disorder can be found in children that have trouble with the pronunciation of words. Many children have the language needed to communicate, but they are difficult to understand. If this is true, they may be exhibiting an articulation disorder.

Expressive and Receptive language disorders typically coincide, but sometimes expressive language delays can be seen alone as well.

How do I know if my child is presenting with any of these disorders?

It can be difficult for parents to distinguish normal language acquisition patterns from when children are presenting with speech and language difficulties. Below, we have provided a chart showing ages at which certain sounds should be produced and other speech and language developmental milestones.

Para ver este cuadro en español, visite este sitio web:

If you feel your child might be presenting with any speech or language difficulties based on these developmental norms or your own interactions with them, they may benefit from pediatric speech therapy. Please contact your pediatrician, then call us to schedule an evaluation and see if your child would benefit from speech therapy for kids or speech therapy for toddlers to continue to foster and enrich their development. We can discuss your concerns and how we can help with pediatric speech therapy.

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