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My son would have 9-13 oz/day. He was admitted to CHOA Scottish Rite. The ENT, at CHOA, checked my son to see if he had a lip or tongue tie. The ENT specialist did not see a tie and advised me to continue follow up outpatient care with a speech therapist for my 3-month-old son.

After discharge, I reached out to Niti from Talk About Therapy. She opened up her schedule and was able to see us the day my son was discharged. In her initial evaluation, she was able to see both a lip/tongue tie. She educated my wife and I on how to find a solution to our son’s symptoms: difficulty bottle-feeding, gassy, not latching, reflux, clicking when eating and prolonged feeding time (resulted in 1-2 oz in an hour).

Niti has been helping our son for a last couple of weeks. He has gained a pound in just two weeks. Niti has ALWAYS answered our questions. Her techniques have worked for us. If it wasn’t for her, our son would probably be on a NG tube. She is such an amazing therapist and I highly recommend her.

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